General Body 2-3-02

1. Annie Stevens:
A. New Housing in University Heights: new dorms, house 800 beds, has
a campus green, architects are coming in mid February to go over plans,
IRA is encouraged to sit in
B. Housing Changes? May make converse into doubles? Trinity into
C. Security in Resident Halls: getting cat cards for main entrance
D. Waterman Café: Mid-March it will be finished, IRA will be invited
to open house
E. Honors College: just for 1st yr students, 90-100students, take
core classes together, CAN live in Harris Millis

2. Co-Sponsorship: Melisa: $4,000

Side note* Dave Chappell tickets go on sale February 26 Mon-Fri from

3. Updates~
A. H/M: changed fire alarm, trying to increase CAP with ROOT BEER
B. L/L:
D. Main: Pizza Party, pie eating contest, bought movies
E. CWPS: dating game February 13th, cat scratch STILL not working!
F. MSHCR: Top Cats sang in lounge last Thursday
G.  WDW: new movies
4. Committees:
 B.O.B- Date March 13th Time 9:30-12:01am
Publicity- Boards have already gone up!