Hey IRA!  Great meeting!
General Body 2-24-03

1. Campus Concerns
A.  New Director of Residential Life: Search Committee
C. Assistant Director of Residential Life: Search Committee

2. Follow-up: Next Step, very successful, are looking forward to do it
next year
3. Co-Sponsorships
A. Robert Channing for Opening Weekend: FULL
B. National Women’s Day, Mid-Night Jazz: FULL
4. Complex update:
A. Main- no meeting
C. CWPS- “Vacuum Madness” Vacuums are being stolen, because of
problems at the desk, therefore everything at desk: vacuums, movies etc.
are frozen
D. WDW- Band coming to WDW, trying to get The Flo to open
E. MSHCR- no meeting
F. H/M- Freezing funds
G. L/L- ……
H. MAT- Spa day in 2 weeks!

5. Committee Update B.O.B
A. Packets have gone out!!!
B. Seven bands
C. Volunteers needed

6. Formation of New Committees
A. UVM Idol April 24th-  Brit Redline and Heather Jones
B. Constitution/ election- Keith Upton and Claire Schreibor

7. Architect Meeting last Tuesday
A. Changes every week
B. Website is going up to see plans
C. Working on Parking #350 spaces
D. Coming again March 25th, 2003

8. Jon Mruz with SGA Updates
A. Fogel- talked about Honors College
B. Diversity, focus on race
C. SGA Pres. And Vice Pres. Debates Wednesday 26th, 7:00 in Memorial

9. Student Commons Meeting Tuesday!! 5:30-7pm Billings Student Center