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Hi All,

As part of WinterBlitz this year, we are hosting a free concert -- Gavin
DeGraw with Virginia Coalition and Michael Tolcher on Friday, January 23 in
Ira Allen Chapel.

We are currently looking for people to help make this show happen. We need
at least 10 people to work throughout the day on Friday and, very
importantly, to help with take-down after the show ends. There are a
variety of shifts and jobs available, so please email me ASAP to let me
know if you are interested in working.

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What do you get in return? A free t-shirt and free food. Plus you getthe
behind-the-scenes experience of making a concert event happen at UVM.
You'll get to enjoy the concert and maybe even meet the artists!

For more specific details about this show, or WinterBlitz in general,visit
the 'blitz site at: www.uvm.edu/bored/blitz

For more info about any of this artists, visit their respective

Let me know if you're interested in helping!

Pat R
Patrick Raymond
Coordinator of Campus Programs and Publicity
Department of Student Life
The University of Vermont

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Kevin James Hytten
Area Coordinator for Selection and Training
Department of Residential Life
University of Vermont

Robinson Hall
406 South Prospect Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405-0364
(802) 656-7927
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