January 2001


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Farm Collie Breed Conservancy and Restoration <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 16:12:21 -0500
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>Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2001 3:51 PM
>Subject: Petition to Shut Down Mills In PA
>> Friends,
>> It  has become obvious in dealing with the officials in Pennsylvania that
>> they will not make any effort to help the dogs in puppymills because the
>> don't vote or have money to donate to political campaigns.  (Just this
>week a
>> politician told me that the only way that they were even going to enforce
>> law that currently exists, much less change the law, is if it was
>> to people who donated a lot of money to political campaigns).  It is
>> critically important that we can show them that there are an enormous
>> of people who care about the dogs and those people do vote.  It is
>> to show the officials that people will not visit Lancaster County,
>> Pennsylvania until something is done to stop the suffering.   We have to
>> that if they allow the puppymills to continue, the county and the
>> will be hurt financially.  Money is the only language that they
>> For anyone not familiar with puppymills in Pennsylvania please visit
>> Click on Prisoners of Greed.  In Pennsylvania the
>> of puppymills are concentrated in one single county - Lancaster County.
>> officials refuse to enforce the law there because they are blinded by the
>> Breeders Association and the Farm Bureau who throw around a lot of money
>> political campaigns.  The man in charge of the state agency that is
>> to enforce the law has said that he will not enforce it in Lancaster
>> The conditions of the mills are horrible.  The majority of the mills are
>> operated by people who are of Amish or Mennonite religious beliefs and
>> therefore usually do not have electricity.  So the majority of the kennels
>> not have have heat or airconditioning. There are small short haired dogs
>> in wooden boxes in below zero temperatures today.   These dogs are bred
>> and over until they die.  If they don't die, they are sold to research
>> when they no longer make money for the kennel.  Should you have any
>> about Amish and Mennonite people having compassion for their animals, you
>> only have to read the article in the local newspaper today that talks
>about a
>> 13 year old sheltie kept in a kennel piled with feces for 9 years, never
>> time ever getting out of the cage in 9 years.  When he was rescued he was
>> lame and limped in circles because he had gone round and round in circles
>> of boredom in the cage for 9 years.  I have personally been to the kennels
>> Lancaster County. I have seen and touched the dogs and can describe the
>> conditions from my own personal observation.  Any description I  could
>> would not even begin to describe how terribly the dogs suffer.
>> I have set up an on line petition so that peoples' voices can be heard.
>> very easy and will only take a second of your time.  Just go to
>> and fill in a few blanks.
>> Please forward this email to every person, egroup, mailing list that you
>> know. It's critically important that we have a huge response.
>> Thanks so much,
>> Lee Wheeler
>> Hearts United for Animals
>> http:/
>> The Sirius Shoppe
>> The store for animal lovers where all the profit goes to shut down