March 2008


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Sue Kozoyed <[log in to unmask]>
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Farm Collie Breed Conservancy and Restoration <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 1 Mar 2008 10:57:27 EST
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Would it help to have bills passed (in these mandatory spay/neuter  cities)
which prohibit  "importing"  of animals into  their shelters~~  
So,  that when an area becomes rather "petless" or an  underground 
for pets develops~~   a huge hue& cry from the general public  could perhaps 
reverse the current folly?    
I hope there is serious follow-up as to where the shelters get their  dogs; 
understanding is that they are already importing too many dogs into  shelters
to meet the demand for pets. 
Sue Kozoyed  
In a message dated 2/29/2008 7:13:09 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
[log in to unmask] writes:

Very  interesting Jill.  I've seen a lot of correspondence about PETCO and  
the LA MSN ordinance recently, but this one is quite revealing.

For  starters, the way PETCO worded this suggests that they actually believe  
the LA MSN ordinance is "aimed at reducing euthanizations conducted in Los  
Angeles animal shelters".  Actually, it's aimed at stopping all dog  and cat 
breeding, period.  The "no birth nation" wing-nuts who are  pushing this 
kind of legislation make it quite clear what their true  agenda is, with 
their rabid "don't ever get a dog or cat from a breeder"  and "every dog or 
cat from a breeder kills a dog or cat in a shelter"  nonsense.

Furthermore, the "exemptions" in the LA MSN ordinance are  next to 
useless.  This ordinance is essentially an early version of  AB 1634, and 
that bill is strongly opposed by several hundred breed and  kennel clubs, 
sporting dog groups, the major guide dog and service dog  organizations, and 
the nation's largest associations of K9 law enforcement  officers.

By repeating in this matter-of-fact way the lies coming from  supporters of 
the LA MSN ordinance, PETCO has ceased to take a neutral  position on the 

Very disappointing, and  revealing.

Laura Sanborn

At 04:26 PM Friday 2/29/2008, Jill  Erisman wrote:
>This was sent to me by a friend who received from a  fellow dog trainer. I 
>found it most interesting and thought other  might also.
>---------- Forwarded Message  ----------
>I emailed PETCO regarding the spay/neuter law in  California, and also 
>asked if they really do provide support towards  HSUS since there was a 
>link to HSUS on their website.    Following is the response I received, 
>which bothers me and I have  decided not to give PETCO any more of my 
>business.   Just  thought I’d share ….
>“Thank you for contacting PETCO Customer  Relations. We received your 
>e-mail inquiry regarding the LA Spay and  Neuter law. The PETCO Foundation, 
>as it has for a number of years,  sponsored the presence of a free 
>spay/neuter clinic, micro-chipping  and vaccinations in Los Angeles as part 
>of annual Spay Day activities,  which this year included a news conference 
>to sign the new  ordinance.
>“While PETCO supports voluntary spay/neuter  efforts, the company did not 
>take a position supporting or opposing  the new Los Angeles ordinance.
>“The ordinance, aimed at  reducing euthanizations conducted in Los 
>Angeles animal shelters,  exempts some animals, including those that have 
>competed in shows or  sporting competitions, guide dogs, animals used by 
>enforcement  agencies and those belonging to professional breeders.Â
>“In  regards to the HSUS, PETCO does provide support to  them.
>“Thank you again for contacting PETCO. Please know that  we care about 
>our customers and what they think of us. By letting us  know when we fall 
>short of your expectations, we have the opportunity  to address your 
>concerns and to be better prepared to meet your  expectations in the 
>future. Please contact us if you have any other  questions or concerns.
>“Scott  L.
>“Customer Relations Coordinator PETCO”
>Katie  Maess and the Rott-N Rottie Kids


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