July 2008


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Michael and Jennifer WhiteWolf Crock <[log in to unmask]>
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Farm Collie Breed Conservancy and Restoration <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 3 Jul 2008 02:45:24 -0700
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Tyson held in there pretty good today, probably better than I did to be 
honest about it.

We have to face the inevitable,  and though we have the high hopes and 
best intentions to help Tyson along  as best we an can for him, we do 
recognize that  it would be good idea to make arrangements in advance, 
so that were not running around deep in grief looking for final services 
on the spur a sad moment. We found a place that specializes in Pet 
cremation, and at reasonable prices. They do only individual cremation, 
not mixing a larger number of animals all in one. Everything is done 
on-site and the best part it is that have a very nice comfortable room 
set aside for you and your Vet, if it is appropriate not to wait for a 
natural passing over.  If your pet passes at home, they will even come 
to your home to pick up the body. If someone wanted to, they even allow 
you stay with your pet after passing, all the way to the cremation room 
and if you want to stay there until it is all over, they also allow 
that. I think I might have too hard a time with that though.

I am going to have his ashes divided into to 2 containers, one for Mike 
and I, and one for his other mom, Tracy.
I am so glad that when Tracy came here just 6 weeks ago, that Tyson was 
in good form. We all went on a nice long morning walk to a nearby park 
with Tyson and 3 or 4 of his K9 family. It was warm and sunny, certainly 
a good experience to remember for her last visit with him. Tracy did 
such a great job of bringing him up from puppy hood! It was a sad time 
when her living arrangements changed 3 years ago from a home with a back 
yard, and she had to move into an apartment. She put Tyson in doggy day 
care for 9 months or so where he actually thrived, but the cost was just 
too high, and it was with great tears and sobbing that she called me to 
see of I could help her find a new placement for him. Of course I would, 
but when she drove him down to leave him with us, it was pretty clear 
right off that I would not find a new placement, and that he would just 
stay with Mike and I.  It has been very special for us that Tracy has 
stayed in Tyson's life. We would send her pictures every so often, and 
her annual visits were fun for him. Even with the passage of time, as 
soon as he smelled her scent, he would get his tail in high gear and 
start up the slobber kissy engine! We have never regretted that decision 
to keep him with us.  Everyone here knows how individual each dog can 
be, even siblings from the same litter, and Tyson was unique among the 
others in the litter...We have certainly enjoyed his contribution to our 
lives these past 3 years.

I am trying to work out how we will modify Tyson's diet to help him deal 
with the cancer. We have learned that if we can raise his blood 
alkalinity, it may reduce the rate of cancer growth. Higher protein 
foods may keep the  PH to acidic, so we are looking at non-grain 
components to feed with less meat. We have also started him on some 
tablets similar to Tums, that may reduce his acid PH a tiny bit. Some 
specialists suggest bicarbonate of soda but it is hard to get a dog to 
drink enough of it mixed with water. I know were pulling small at straws 
when we have whole hay wagon to deal with, but we both feel that we have 
to so something. I am expecting his supplements from Aloha to arrive 
soon. We also got more pain and anti-inflamitory meds from the Vet 
today, to help him stay more

Tysons tumors are coming on strong and fast...I am realistic that he may 
not have much time, but I am not giving up on him just to let him 
degrade at a fast rate, or to just get it over with. As long as he is 
not in bad pain, can get around, likes to eat, and has control of his 
pee and poo, he will be with us.

I remember some other people on the list in years past who had dogs with 
terminal cancer and reported often on them and how they journeyed 
together toward the end time.  Sometimes it can take a lot longer than a 
vet may predict, especially of you help the dog with special nutrients 
or other cancer fighting/immune building supplements, but it might be a 
very short time too. We cherish every day we have left with his company. 

Tyson spent the evening on the sofa with me, mostly just panting and 
looking around the room. Once in a while he would take a few minutes to 
lick my toes...Of all the dogs here, he has always been the slobber 
kissy king! His sister Lucky is also a slobber kisser, but not as much 
as Tyson was is his day!

Some of you asked about what diet changes we will be making with we develop more of a concrete idea of what we should be 
doing, I'll post more on the subject, but in general, we know we have to 
lower his protein intake, pretty  much eliminate all the rice and 
oatmeal fraction even if cooked with enzymes to make it digestible with 
K9s,  and try to bring up his serum PH toward the alkaline direction.

Kelly B., it was good to hear from you again,....Justice was another 
special boy from the litter, and I know how hard it was for you when he 
died....I cried along with you way out here in Oregon....and he still 
crosses my mind from time to time too. It is touching that you have a 
wind chime in his memory.  I would enjoy hearing from you off-list to 
see how things have been for you in the recent years, if you still have 
the little farm, and the animals.

I babble....and I need to get off to sleep soon,   Tyson has had his 
evening meds and seems pretty content just rest on the sofa..We have 
some big thunder in the distance, ....the other 6 collies are all 
worried and running about, ...Sky is whining like a baby and pacing 
every room one after another! Thunder never bothered Tyson in the least 
..He is just laying on the sofa, being a good example for the rest of 
his collie family, .Just another one of the many reasons he earned the 
nic name "Ambassador". Too bad they are not paying attention to his fine 
Thanks again to everyone for all your thoughts and Prayers...