I know you all weren't holding your breath, but
wanted to apologize for the Collies: Back to the
Future website being down so long. It is up again,
though changes not entirely finished, at least
many of the broken links are repaired or removed.

It has been quiet on farmcollie, in part because
many of us have gotten pulled away and into the
middle of the ES/UKC mess. for those of you who
might not know all about that already, here is a
nutshell version: the UKC, after 60 years of
registering the English Shepherd breed basically
unmolested, just plopped the ES into conformation
showing without notifying much less conferring
with the ES Club which is the UKC National Breed
Association. One would have thought affiliation
meant something more but apparently UKC has
changed its tune since the early 1990s when ESC
voted to be affiliated. Well I could go on and on
but better not, as any ESLIST members and ES Club
members have heard all about it already or will in
the newsletter.

Just wanted to give the rest a hint as to muck and
mire some of us have been struggling through for
the last several weeks (and it isn't even spring