Hi Hazelanne, and everyone,
It was just a chance that Cookie came to us. My sister actually rescued her from a day-care center near Eugene Oregon, that was located on a farm near town. The story that I have been told is that they had purchased/acquired 2 'collie type' pups from a stranger. One of the pups grew up to be very strong and with an unstopable herding instinct, and a need to run and run and make sure all the children were 'herded'. She didn't work out for them because she was pushing  the kids around. They were planning on removing her form the premisis. The sibling was much aparently a more gentle dog and they considered it a keeper.  My sister saw an ad for a 'cheap' collie type dog, they 'physical' one,  and bought Cookie from them for 75 dollars.  A year later sis had changes in her home situation and couln't keep a dog, she asked if I would adopt Cookie. Like ...does a fish want water? And so Cookie came into our home. I do not know if Cookies sib. is male of female, as I have not had direct contact with these folks. I have asked my sis to try and find the place Cookie came from, but as over 2-1/2 years have passed, and it was a place not on a main road-easy to find, she can't remember where it was.  One of these days I'll go down there and drive around with her until we hopefully find the farm. I want to find out if they still have Cookie's sibling, and encourage them to join in the new breeding and registration program.  It would be really nice if we could somehow find out where she and the sib were bred, but that is real long-shot. 

Cookie is indeed an extremely physical girl. She is easily occupied all day long by the squirrels and birds. Her herding instince keeps her moving as the little ones move about in the trees and sky. Water runs off her back, blustry wind and drizzle are of no concern to her, just as her ancestors in the Moors and Hilands paid no attention to the bitter environment. She is always very interested by the goings-on on the street in front of the house. Nothing passes her by, she is aware of everthing, just as her distant relations had to be aware to protect the flocks.

We feel really blessed to have had Cookie come into our lives. She is a wonderful caring/affectionate and yet independant individual. Beauty in motion describes her when running or cantoring, so strong and co-ordinated. 

Hoe this answers your questions about Cookie.

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  Hi Jennifer: 
    Where did you get Cookie from? He? or She has a lovely head, and pretty eyes!