Well, That's the story that was told to me. Perhaps [ and likely] they the people getting rid of Cookie were just telling 'stranger' so no-one would try to find the breeder. Collies do have a reputation for fine temperment, especially with children. Cookie is on the active side, probably not expected. My sis had  young one at home with Cookie and there was never a problem with her. She had to give up the dog due to matters that are unrelated in any way to Cookie, and that sis would prefer I not discuss outside the family.
 Out here in the 'wild west', just about anyone can open their home to childcare. I am not familiar with the regulations, but I undertand that they are light. There is plenty of enforcement if a problem occurs, but there is a LOT of home based day car and for that matter home based schooling  in Oregon. I cannot image that a commercial day car center, that we also have plenty of out here, would have pets of any kind due to liability issues. There is BIG differnce between a corporate care facility with dedicated professional staff and some mom taking care of 4or 6 kids from the neighborhood along with her own.
Remember, I never saw this place or met the people, and have been unable to find them. I just ended up with the dog they found to be a risk factor for bunches of soemone elses kids. I have had cookie around children and she adores them! She will allow them to pet and pull hair and roughhouse, so .......I don't know. All I can say is the story my sis told me. We can certainly question her accuracy in telling the story.