Hi all!

I am sending this mail to many people in the Ottawa dog community, hoping that maybe we can all do some good here in our own backyard.

I'd like to provide a service for dogs that need re-homing.  I have lots of webspace on my server, and I currently have a rescue page up.  If any of you hear of dogs that need a home, please provide me with contact information, a photo, and info you might have, and I will gladly place the info on my page.   You can check out what's there already by going to

I have also created a list at Yahoo called ottawadogs.  Please go to Yahoo and join the list, and forward the information to anyone who may benefit from joining.  If you are registered with Yahoo already, you can send a message to [log in to unmask] and leave the subject and message body blank, and you will get an e-mail directing you to the page.

I appreciate your help in this matter.  I figure it might cut down on my phone calls!

Also, if you have any links that I  might put on my regular homepage or rescue page, please feel free to send them over!

Lisa G and Vegas