Well folks, I have my first collie and what a rescue-golden find
she is! I can't believe fate as I was calling a phone number that I thought was someone
for my daughter's school and it turned out that I dialed a
collie rescue person here in NJ accidentally.  While she needs to
learn some commands, she is obedient- when she is not fearful.
She is so afraid but obedient you can see the struggling on knowing
what to do. I feel so badly for her. She wouldn't walk on the hardwood
floors- she'd jump over them but is learning it's okay now and she won't attempt the stairway. Furthermore doorways are a bit of an issue and since she loves it outside, I would
guess that she was left as an outside dog much of the time. I cannot believe,
that in spite of these issues for her how perfect in temperment and size
and smarts she is for us. Even hubby really likes her alot! It's fun to watch
her think because she seems to measure distances between the fence types in
the yard- painted vs unpainted, etc. Very attentive to neighborhood sounds
and perfect with the kids. She's starving for a little affection but not overpowering,
she loves my kids and my husband too! I couldn't be more thrilled. One can only
guess how hard it is for me to give her this needed affection- tic!
I haven't even had her for 24hrs yet and I can assure anyone,
that after years of breed searching, I know I'll never live without
a collie again! Her name is Sissy, but we are changing it to Ivy.
She is a sable-merle with a full white ruff, marvelous movement,
very pretty skull and naturally tipped ears. She's about a year and
ended up in a kill-shelter in WV; she was transported to NJ about
3 weeks ago.  If anyone has any history or thoughts about where
she came from (breeder or otherwise) I sure would like to know.
Someone else's misfortune or stupidity is definitely my blessing!!