Oh, Sheryl, So happy to hear that the 2 are back home! May Kala's way be lit with divine light back to you also!!! Safely!!! It happened to me many years ago, that someone took, borrowed, actually put a big old rope around my briard's neck and tied her up in their back yard after taking her out of mine. And she chewed her way out of it and came home. Unfortunately for her and me, she was on the other side of the busy road from our home, got just opposite our home, tried to cross and was hit by a car which did not stop and died. Along with a piece of my heart. I am going to pray all day that Kala is returned also and ask others to help too. And GOOD for you for letting the police and others know that this is not just another animal being taken and passed around!! These dogs are FAMILY members, even if they want to spend all of their time outside! Maybe it was an honest mistake, yeah, right as my kid just said, but if enough impact is made with this incident, then maybe the word will go out and you will be "KNOWN" by this to one and all that live in a 500 mile radius as the person you are. Great to one and all, but most especially to your 4-footed friends! Just kill 'em with kindness and perseverance and sink-your-teeth-in-it tenacity! You will persevere.                     "To err is human and to forgive is divine" but you should never forget.