Oh, thank you for putting up the pictures! And for the compliment. Actually we have no idea what breed of dog Mattie is. She was found outside the creekbed den that she was born in, caught by some people and brought in to where my daughter worked. She was about 5-6 weeks old, wild, full of ticks (I think she would have died of blood loss in a few more weeks), and pott-bellied with worms. I took a chance and dipped her and spent the next 3 days pulling ticks off and out of her very carefully. Then I wormed her and got shots in her and she has trusted me ever since. She is supposed to belong to my eldest daughter, but does spend most of her time at out apartment with our dog Belle. And she is the cleanest dog I have ever met in my life! She even tries to keep our bodies clean by careful licking every chance she gets. She prefers to go outside to do her bathroom business, but will not miss the newspapers if she has to go inside, due to not getting outside cuz I didn't get to walk them. She will clean her feet every time she has to step on the papers. She loves to "work" and guard dog the apartment property. I can send her into a building, say down, and she does so. She will check out the perimeter of a laundry room and look into the lockers for vagrants, and alert you if anything is amiss. She hates guns, junkies, and loves kitties, kids, and can tell if a person is ok or not. Got to have a good conscious to pass by her test. Also, she has twice alerted us to bad things happening at night that resulted in police arrests. She is very protective of anything that is defenseless, i.e., orphaned babies, children playing outside, etc. She will roam about off leash, with an eye on her pack (us folks) at all times, lay down calmly if we are sitting or stopped chatting, all the while keeping an eye without seeming to on all the surrounding area. I always feel that my back is guarded. She loves to play and will fetch anything that you throw. And she is very smart, learns! a lot just by watching. She is catching on to hand signals like she already knows what they mean. I sometimes think she is reading my mind. I could go on and on... And Belle, our black dog, is part Gordon setter and only higher powers knows what else. She has the best scenting nose I have ever seen and is very good natured most times, both of the dogs are. The squirrels are the only thing I cannot seem to get them off of, but they tease the dogs most unmercilessly. One even hangs stretched out across our kitchen screen, letting the dogs sniff and touch his body thru the screen without a worry or care, until the cat sees and tries to get into the window also. The cat even getting a little close makes the squirrel get scared and run. Well, I hope to hear what all think about Mattie and what breeds they think she might be. We were hoping to hear that you all might think she was old farm collie material. She is the only one in litter that came out tri-colored. The rest were all solid reddish browns. Her mother looked similar to her, we were told, and after Mattie was caught, the mother dog moved the rest and no one saw any of them again. The folks at the pet supply store we use and our vet have said that Mattie is possibly Australian S but I think she is what you all term loose eyed and she doesn't herd like that. She has shown some tendencies to herd, but is more prone to watch over and protect. Her herding has been to shoulder small kids away from things, and to grab pant legs on older kids and tug away. Or get between kid and whatever is not liked or trusted by her and bark and/or growl at the danger. She gets very excited when you return, even is gone 1 minute! She will grab my arm, hand, has even held my throat several times, in her mouth when I return from going out the door. Never has she broken the skin when greeting me this way. Her tail beats her ribcage sides as she is doing this. And she does this throat thing only with me, but greets all the rest of our family on returning/reseeing them just as! exuberantly always.