Oh Jan that's great! I'll certainly help pony up for a reward. I hope someone calls. If I hear from anyone I'll immediately let everyone know. I can also be reached at home, my number is 978-988-1245.

Thank you so much!

M. Serena Lanza
Sr. Payroll Coordinator
National Leisure Group, Inc.
100 Sylvan Road, Suite 600
Woburn, MA 01801
(617) 587-6459 - voice
(617) 587-6329 - fax

>>> jan <[log in to unmask]> 05/30 1:11 PM >>>
Okay, there is now a web page for Lilly, Kala, and Drover at:

        for right now till I have contact info for Sheryl I am putting
Serena as the contact person. Phone numbers and additional emails wouldbe
better but this is at least a start. The sooner posters go up (or are given
to kids at school - a great idea!!!) the better.

        I put REWARD onthe poster because I figure we'd all pitch in if
reward money was needed.