I too have heard of this, in a case where a dog was adopted from the pound and lived in a city apartment, and had no choice but to go on-lead in most cases.  It wasn't a suppository, though...they used a matchstick.

I have heard of show dog people matchsticking their dogs prior to entering the ring etc as well.

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  Very good Lisa,  about the possibility of not being able to poop while on lead.  I have even read of a training meathod going so far as to giving the dog a suppository while out on the walk to make the dog go just so he could be caught in the act of doing the right thing and praised to high heaven.
  Judy Morton
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    Sorry, I meant to respond to this but my computer has crashed three times in the last few weeks and UGH.

    If he has never had to go to the bathroom on a lead, he may be reacting to the nearness of the person.  Most dogs feel vulnerable when eliminating.  This dog's history tells me that he probably was able to relieve himself in a natural way (get off by himself and go).  So he may be resisting going on the lead.

    Trust me, from working with Guide Dogs that MUST be able to relieve on lead, sometimes it isn't easy to train a dog to do it. 
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      Ok I don't have a ready answer for you but I will do some research.  


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        Serena did you ever get any advice on this issue?
        Serena Lanza wrote: Apparently, he poops in the house within minutes of returning from his walk. I have asked for more specifics from them and haven't heard back yet. This dog has been outside for the past two years and pooped whenever his little heart desired, Experience