I have some friends with a spayed female Aussie in Portland Oregon. They
are having a tight financial time and it would be hard for them to feed
and vet a foster, but I could help with the $$ part. They just LOVE the
Aussie breed, and the similar collie-like related breeds such as the ES
, and are really fine people who would be a good experience for the dog,
if they could foster him. you think this young guy would
do OK with a female dog before we could neuter him?......what plans are
in place to find him a permanent home??  These folks are planning on
gatting on eog my next pups, in a year or two when they come along, so I
don't think they would be a foster-into-adopt situation.....I will be
visiting them on Sunday and can talk with them about the need for a
foster at that time, IF you think that this boy might work out in thier
home as a foster, I'll ask if they can help.

We had to take back one of our puppies from the Lucky Litter of 13, from
almost 2 years ago, due to his being neglected. He is here now, just got
neutered, and we are working on much needed weight gain.  [ It was a
relative that had him, not a regular buyer.....We screen our buyers but
what can you do with relations other than give it a try and hope for the
best. He is a socailly great dog, so friendly and  happy to be with
people. He was mostly just left outside and rarely brushed and hardly
ever cuddled. He is VERY HAPPY to be with us and his siblings and Mom
and Dad.  Because we have him here for a few more months, that brings us
up to a total of 6 dogs at home, and there is unfortunately no way that
we can even consider a foster at this time. However, I would like to
help find a NW Foster to help this guy out.

DreamDancer Collies
near Portland Oregon, about 5 or 6  hours from Yakima valley

Paul and Judy wrote:

> For pete's sakes, you would think the woman would have taken care of the
> neuter thing some time ago.  It might not have worked in solving the
> problem
> but it might have been a start....Well, good thing I have two male
> dogs that
> might have issues with a dominate type dog or I'd be volunteering to
> foster
> the guy.
> Judy in Northern Ca. just 20 miles south of the Oregon border.
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> Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 10:13 AM
> Subject: [FARMCOLLIE] Need Foster home
>> I have an intact male ES, 18 months old in Yakima WA that I need a
>> foster
>> home.  He is good with kids and cats and farm animals according to the
>> women turning him in.  But he doesn't like her doxie.  At 18 months and
>> intact this could be a dominance issue give he is good with the cats.
>> Please contact me or Nita Frank if you can help.
>> Kathi