I can't put a hold on her.

They will "adopt" her with whoever comes and then that person can do as they please, such as ship her to me or whatever. They guy I talked to said they weren't sure she is spayed. He was polite but very unhelpful. I had been emailing a volunteer from the shelter. who was very nice but has no authority
I don't know what to do now.

Tom is quite excited about getting her. 

We could have her fly to Houston, but It's a big job/responsibility to  get her & get a kennel for shipping, the health certificate etc.
The shelter will give her the rabies shot. He didn't say how much.
I got the distinct impression that he/they would rather NOT deal with anyone unless it's face to face.

She is a collie /chow mix. I think I need someone to check her out in person. If what the ad said about her isn't true about being spayed what else isn't true. She was a stray(?)
so how do they know what mix she is. If I were making an assessment of a dog, I would go by temperament as much as looks. I love the  happy look in her eyes, but ..... maybe she is not quite "the one"  Maybe I shouldn't put so much expense & other people's time & effort into a far off dog when the money might be better spent here at home in S. Texas.

I'm very dubious about the whole thing now. It was a nice dream while it lasted.
Whaddya think??????