What is bi-black?

Jill Erisman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
They are not totally extinct as they do pop up on occassion. Very doubtful
you would fine one in any of the show lines. They would most probably occur
in a pet breeding situation as there is usually little research done into
the color genetics of the breeding pair. In fact, the Tri State Collie
Rescue recently had what we believe were litter mates. Their names were
Sonny and Cher. Sonny was mostly black and white with a little bit of tan
points. Cher, on the other hand was predominantly black with white markings,
making her look like a way over grown Border Collie! So, as I said, they are
not totally extinct, just extremely rare. Which I think is quite sad.

For anyone who hasn't checked out Tri State's website lately, please take a
look We have in a couple of
beauties that are definitely of Farm Collie lineage!

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