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  Subject: Re: [FARMCOLLIE] Went to the opthamologist today

  At 12:00 PM -0700 7/14/05, jana lashmit wrote:

  >  As far as Athena - JMO, she might make the opthalmologists happy but
  >there are a lot of dog lovers who have less-than-nice things to say about
  >her.  She gave "normal eyes" a bad name.

  I don't want to see this list devolve into Athena bashing. She is dead now
  and most of her dogs have gone on to the lives they deserved from the
  get-go. Ages ago, when this list was young Athena was an occassional
  visitor. Her posts were always helpful and informative. If Collie people
  are using Athena to give "normal eyes" a bad name then they are doing it to
  deflect attention from the real problem. Athena should give a bad name to
  breeders who have too many dogs, not to those who care about genetic