We had our Cocker done in a modified Brittney clip, short body, slightly 
trim the ears so they look neat & leave 'tubes' on the front legs from the 
ankle up, shave the hinds all the way to the hock in back.  He looked nice, 
we had our Setter clipped the same way only longer & I think we left her 
hinds alone.  I really don't like the Cocker clip even when it's in a 
modified form.

Diane Peter
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> >I don't even want to think of scissoring her feet, especially since I'm 
> >bad at it & they always look ragged after I'm done.
> I wasn't at all good at it when I started, either.  I just ignored the 
> funnylooking toes and kept trying new ways to trim it when it grew out - 
> it needed to be done, after all; we have a lot of mud.  Now unless the dog 
> moves for one reason or other, it usually looks all right.  It's just 
> something you have to play with.  :)  I groomed my own cockers, too when I 
> was a kid - just bought skip-tooth heads for the shaver and buzzed them 
> all over - it left their fur about a half-inch long.  They're actually 
> pretty cute "naked."  :D
> Merry 

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