Not so.  There are already ES in puppy mills.  One breeds "shockers" a mix
with a cocker spaniel.  Can you think of a worse cross?  A bossy dog that's
neurotic and has a tendancy to bite.  Cute name though.   ::::rolling

She's not the only one... and there are often reports of ES or "farm
collies" being in pet stores, esp in Ohio, if memory serves

On 1/6/07, jana lashmit <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I have to wonder though, why would ES be an enticing breed for a
> puppymill?  Most of the dogs in pet stores tend to be small - poo mixes,
> maltese, poms, dachshunds.  If it's a large breed, it's likely a
> labradoodle, boxer, lab, golden - something common (or unique, like a dogue
> de bordeaux).  But most people don't even know what an English Shepherd
> is.  They aren't exotic or glamorous.  You'd think that would make them
> safely under the radar of the puppymiller.
> Jana

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