"Let's hope they are never "the breed to have."


Kathi wrote:
> Never the less we have ES that are being sold from pet stores.  NESR has
> rescued some of these puppies that end up in the wrong homes.  They are
> paying a lot of money for them too.  We also just rescued 2 ES that were
> being auctioned (breeders) at a puppymill auction.  Let's hope they are
> never "the breed to have."
> Kathi Tesarz
> www.tesarzservices.com
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>> I have to wonder though, why would ES be an enticing breed for a
>> puppymill?  Most of the dogs in pet stores tend to be small - poo mixes,
>> maltese, poms, dachshunds.  If it's a large breed, it's likely a
>> labradoodle, boxer, lab, golden - something common (or unique, like a
>> dogue de bordeaux).  But most people don't even know what an English
>> Shepherd is.  They aren't exotic or glamorous.  You'd think that would
>> make them safely under the radar of the puppymiller.
>>   Jana