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Bernie is a nice ES of unknown pedigree that has had a tough go finding the 
right forever family.   He has been an "almost NESR dog" a couple of times, 
but each time he was adopted at the shelter before NESR could become 
involved.  The shelter staff loves him and really hopes we can help find him

a family who feels he is a keeper.

Bernie is a 6 yo, neutered and housebroken male who is not good with small 
animals and must go to a cat-free home.  Most recently, he lived on a small 
horse farm and did great with the horses.  He was protective of the property

and would bark at approaching strangers.  If given the opportunity, he did 
chase unknown cars that drive onto the property...but these owners were 
proactive in correcting that behavior.  They reported that he had excellent 
house manners, good recall, responded well to authority, loved car rides, 
was obedient on a leash, loved a good game of fetch/frisbee, and stayed 
within farm boundaries (20+ acres).  But he cannot live with cats.

His first four years were spent with a family with small children.  No 
problems were reported there.  At his second home, he behaved nicely with 
4-year old grandchildren.  However his most recent placement via the shelter

fell thru because he did not interact well with toddlers.  No details.  Just

that he didn't particularly like them.

If you are available to foster Bernie, or are in Ohio and available to help 
with transport, please contact me off-list.  He is at the Delaware County 
Humane Society, in Delaware, OH (just north of Columbus).  Thanks!

Melinda King
National English Shepherd Rescue
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253/853-6725 after 7pm PST

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