Jessica, good pictures.  Can you sort out for me which are the males, and of those, which are the tricolors and which are sable?  I'm working on my husband . .    ML

Jessica Hennings <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  We had a litter last weekend (Angus X Ginny) and here are some pics if any
of you enjoy looking at puppy pics. These pics were taken at 3 days old,

There are 9 pups-- 3 tricolor males, 2 tricolor females, 2 sable males, 2
sable females. This is really interesting because Ginny has never had more
than 1 tricolor per litter before (and those single tricolors were all
girls). Ginny is a light, clear sable herself but her mom Daisy was a
tricolor. Angus, and both his parents were sables. So it's unusual for us
to see this many tricolors!

Hope some of you enjoy!

Jessica Hennings