Okay, this is, I think, more of a question about how similar breeding works between shelties
and ES's.  Just wanting to learn a bit.  <ggg>

Now, in shelties, our sable can be tri factored.   And, Ginny, with her mother being a tri we
would really assume that she was tri factored from the time she was born on.  Now,  the sire,
with both parents being sables, could be a tri factored sable  himself..........but you don't
find out until breeding  him.  Unless you knew both parents were tri factored.  Obviously at
least one of his parents is tri factored and he inherited that gene.

And, in shelties, there are hints in the coat color as well that does  help to give clues
towards judging if a dog/bitch is tri factored.  Is that true in ES's also??  

Inquiring minds....... 

MythicWinds shelties

> Jessica Hennings <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  We had a litter last weekend (Angus X
> Ginny) and here are some pics if any
> of you enjoy looking at puppy pics. These pics were taken at 3 days old,
> yesterday.
> There are 9 pups-- 3 tricolor males, 2 tricolor females, 2 sable males, 2
> sable females. This is really interesting because Ginny has never had more
> than 1 tricolor per litter before (and those single tricolors were all
> girls). Ginny is a light, clear sable herself but her mom Daisy was a
> tricolor. Angus, and both his parents were sables. So it's unusual for us
> to see this many tricolors!
> http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AYt2rhq3ctmRu&emid=sharshar&linkid=link5
> Hope some of you enjoy!
> Jessica Hennings
> http://home.centurytel.net/gracehaven/index.htm

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