As some of you know, I've unfortunately needed to be a city dweller for the
last few years as a result of my divorce - parting with my goats and horses
was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, and it's been hard on my
country bred Collies to live within the confines of a tiny suburban yard
with having to rely on trips to the dog park and stockdog trainer's as

It's all changing soon though! By the end of the month, assuming everything
goes well, we'll be moving back out of town to an agricultural property.
While much smaller than my last place, property wise, (only six and a half
acres) it's a much bigger house and heck, maybe I can buy some additional
acreage off the neighboring farmers in years to come. I have two young
horses coming in transport from North Dakota on the 21st, and, miracle of
miracles, I've located my two old horses I had to sell four years ago (who
are amazingly still together) and talked the owner into selling them back to
me. I cried when she agreed. They are in their late teens now, but will be
great beginner horses for my five and a half year old son.

Come spring I'll be looking to rebuild a small herd of good LaManchas, so if
any of you know any breeders within driving distance of northern Indiana,
I'd love it if you could put me in touch! I'd love to find Chalet lines
again, but I believe they've pretty much been allowed to go extinct.

My dogs will be so happy to have the room again!

So here's to life finally taking a turn for the better, and wish me luck on
my move! My phone # and email will remain the same.

Have a good week everyone!
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