Such good news!!

It is NICE to hear of something going well these days, with so many 
stories of financial gloom and doom...Finding your old horses..what a 
priceless thing to have happen!  

Congratulations al the way from Oregon!!!

Jennifer, ....still on a 100 foot square lot with 1 patient husband and 
6 big farmcollie dogs that would love more room.


Ms Natalie Hoskins wrote:
> As some of you know, I've unfortunately needed to be a city dweller for the
> last few years as a result of my divorce - parting with my goats and horses
> was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, and it's been hard on my
> country bred Collies to live within the confines of a tiny suburban yard
> with having to rely on trips to the dog park and stockdog trainer's as
> outlets.
> It's all changing soon though! By the end of the month, assuming everything
> goes well, we'll be moving back out of town to an agricultural property.
> While much smaller than my last place, property wise, (only six and a half
> acres) it's a much bigger house and heck, maybe I can buy some additional
> acreage off the neighboring farmers in years to come. I have two young
> horses coming in transport from North Dakota on the 21st, and, miracle of
> miracles, I've located my two old horses I had to sell four years ago (who
> are amazingly still together) and talked the owner into selling them back to
> me. I cried when she agreed. They are in their late teens now, but will be
> great beginner horses for my five and a half year old son.
> Come spring I'll be looking to rebuild a small herd of good LaManchas, so if
> any of you know any breeders within driving distance of northern Indiana,
> I'd love it if you could put me in touch! I'd love to find Chalet lines
> again, but I believe they've pretty much been allowed to go extinct.
> My dogs will be so happy to have the room again!
> So here's to life finally taking a turn for the better, and wish me luck on
> my move! My phone # and email will remain the same.
> Have a good week everyone!
> Natalie
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