I was contacted by some people who had found my website.  Their dogs 
bear no relation to my dogs, they just found my site and were looking 
for some farm collie contacts.  They need to re-home their farm collies, 
both beautiful tricolors,  a mother and daughter.  They are ES, the 
daughter is ES and Aussie.  The people were on a large farm in TX but 
due to the husband's employment have had several moves and now will be 
going into a rental where pets are not allowed.  I believe the dogs are 
currently in Virginia.  I asked a few questions and below is her 
response.  Jessica at Gracehaven

first I want to clarify
that these dogs need a little rehab--I guess, anyway. I say that because
they have not been on a working farm for some years and have been used to
having the run of 120 acres, so they do run around. They also JUST (Jan 27)
had a scuffle with another dog. We have only seen them scuffle when a dog
looks threatening or comes toward them or they feel like the dog is in their
territory and a threat to us. However, in the midst of the scuffle, the
other owner got in the middle of it, and according to the health dept., he
got a scratch. Because of this incident, we are looking for a rescue-minded,
rehab-minded serious farm dog lover. (As you can see from the pictures, they
are gentle, beautiful dogs!)

Now for the answers:

1. Yes (both girls are spayed)
2. Grace is 10, Maggie is 2
3. Grace has had some training in work and shows excellent instincts in
herding, hunting, and protecting--we have many stories and used to have some
photos and video because we thought we'd register her. Maggie is largely
untrained, but shows good instincts in protecting and hunting. Her sire was
a full-blood Aussie, and Grace is her mother.
4. The Breeder's last name was Hoffman, and she is in Kentucky (Grace's
breeder). She used to participate in the AWFCollie e-mail loop. Elaine
Reynolds probably knows her, if you're familiar with Elaine or the AWC
5. Grace, when alone is biddable, but has been around Maggie for 2 years, so
has had some reverse training. (My older children have also moved on and
gotten married and the others have little interest in the dogs, except for
playing with them.) They both come when called, normally, but have become
somewhat willful when they want to hunt (and Virginia foothills are full of
game.) Grace can amazingly follow instructions very closely. (We once asked
her to herd our escaped goats into a trailer with which she was totally
unfamiliar. We simply shouted our commands and pointed at the goats and then
the trailer, and she ran off to retrieve them and put them right on the
trailer.) She has always been responsive like that. Maggie is really just a
pet, but I believe has the instincts and is trainable.
6. Both dogs have had Lyme disease, but have been treated. I took them both
in last week to test for it currently, and we're waiting for a response.

Pictures of the dogs:

email address:  "Carmen Rockett"<[log in to unmask]>