I would like to go and can bring Scout. He is doing quit well but he looks
so longingly at me when I get in the truck.

Dusty Copeland, CFO
Copeland Family Farms, LLC
(530) 436-2348
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Hi Group!

I have Damian (Jennifer's litter of 13) and Tessa (from Laura Lee)  
and live near Corvallis, Oregon.
We would LOVE an outing to meet everybody!
It will need to be a weekend since I since work (4 more months until  
I retire!!) or summer, but the dogs and I are definitely IN!

Lois Olund
Philomath, OR
On Feb 26, 2010, at 2:13 PM, Elaine Diedrich wrote:

> This sounds like fun.
> I also have good news to add. Our Willow was diagnosed with  
> lymphoma last
> summer. We started her on chemo and supplemented her with diet and  
> an immune
> building supplement made for canine cancer patients. She went into  
> remission
> a couple months after starting chemo. Her last treatment was mid  
> January
> yesterday was her check up and the vet was so excited, said she is
> excellent.
> Our farm collie is Luna from Jessica Hennings out of Ginny and  
> Angus. We
> will soon be celebrating her 4th birthday. A couple weeks ago her  
> brother
> Aubrey was released to the rescue group I work with ( have been  
> keeping
> Jessica in the loop). We are presently his foster family and I will  
> be in
> charge of his adoption. He is a sweet, sweet boy, gets along with  
> all our
> dogs and cat. He would make a great companion. He loves my husband,
> following him around the property doing chores, never leaves our  
> unfenced
> property. Right now we are working on his issues with riding in the  
> car. He
> never left the farm except to be groomed and had a very bad  
> experience.
> Things are moving along nicely, my plan is to work with him and get  
> him the
> socialization in the big world that he never had. He does well when
> introduced to things gently with no force or coaxing, an added  
> treat or two
> doesn't hurt as he loves food. He is now happily excepting thing  
> that he
> used to run from. Seems to be a good resilient dog in there he just  
> needs
> experience. He was raised around sheep cows and horses, though I  
> really
> don't know about his herding abilities. I see him more as a sweet  
> loyal
> companion. He loves to accompany us on hikes usually staying right  
> with us,
> willing to come immediately when called. He definitely is happier when
> allowed to be with his family, both indoors and out. He's calm and  
> wonderful
> in the house. Loves playing with the other dogs when outside.
> Aubrey is a big boy. Probably around 75 pounds. Seems very healthy  
> though I
> have not had him to the vet yet. I want to introduce him to things  
> in a slow
> and positive manner so who ever adopts him will have a easy, well  
> trained
> dog, that can accompany them most anywhere. Aubrey is very capable  
> of being
> such a dog. If you know of anyone in the Northwest who might be  
> interested
> in such a dog let me know. We can talk.
> Elaine D.
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> Subject: Re: [FARMCOLLIE] List not so sad this month / possible OR  
> and WA
> gathering
> Hi everyone....
> I just wanted to pop on here and say that I am so glad that the past
> month or so of postings has not been so sad as it was. That  
> November to
> January period saw several of the list members here and on AWFA list,
> suffer some of our beloved dogs passing  away from assorted  
> situations.
> Among the deaths was our loosing Lady after half a year battle with
> Cancer. It appears that cycle has been broken and with news of puppies
> being born and such, we'll,  it SURE is nice to hear more GOOD news  
> than
> sad on the lists for a change!
> Last year about the end of summer ML Church and I email-talked about
> trying to have a small picnic gathering of members located in upper NW
> Oregon and lower SW Washington. We just didn't have enough time to  
> make
> it happen last year, but if we get started now, there should be plenty
> of time to get something planned.  There is a great park near my home
> that has plenty of parking, water on site, a clean porta-potty,  
> tables,
> and charcoal grills, and lots of open space. The park rules do require
> pets to be on leash, but that is becoming so common in the past years,
> it is the exception to find a place where dogs can be off-leash. We  
> are
> located about 10 miles south of downtown Portland Oregon, very  
> close to
> the I-5 corridor, so getting here is real easy for anyone in the
> region.  I want to put this idea out there among the members and  
> see if
> there is still an interest in this kind of gathering....The park is  
> also
> used for Soccer so we would have to schedule a time that no-one  
> else has
> the place officially 'booked'.  If there is still interest in a
> gathering this year, I will get a schedule from the City that owns the
> park, and find out what dates are open.
> Some of us n this list are also subscribers to the AWFA list, like me,
> but I am not really an active participant over there. My dogs are not
> 'working' dogs with real jobs to on a ranch or farm, and hence  
> there is
> no need be tested and registered or certified for professional skills,
> as is the focus on that list, but I DO enjoy the dog talk that goes  
> on.
> If we actually do this, I think it would be nice to invite members of
> the AWFA list as well, once we have a date set. What do YOU folks  
> on the
> FARMCOLLIE list think?
> I have photos of the park in a www.photobucket account.  If there is
> interest, I will post the link to those photos for you all to see, and
> move on towards a decision if we ought to try for the gathering at  
> all,
> and if so, if this place will work, or if we should look for a  
> different
> location.
> Jennifer
>     Cookie, TahTay, Sky, Java, and Lucky
>        RIP:  Lady and Tyson
> Cheers to all/