I had the good fortune of meeting Jabari a few weeks ago at the little 
Oregon farmcollie gathering. He is more stunning than these videos 
show.... When my TahTay was young and full of energy, he was a lot like 
him....and their looks are also very very similar, with the dark cap on 
the head and similar body colors. Jabari is a handsome dog, well loved 
and cared for. Seeing him in person was like taking a time machine tour 
back about 8 years to see my TahTay again is his youth.


On 09/16/2012 07:04 PM, Evans wrote:
> Ha, Ha! Me too! Thanks! They're too twee!
> Nannette
> This was fun to see, and I found another youtube of Jabari with the water
> hose, and also one running around in the yard
> Thanks for sharing!
> Jennifer