Rini wrote: 'That's right. I think there were two males and four females in that litter RebelxLilly (nuts; Sheryl isn't here to ask. Maybe it was 3 and 3?) and two females were shipped to Montana to what would up being a puppy mill that later got busted. There were no records kept as far as I know, so there are more DOS descendents but no one knows who they are. I don't know who got the other two females or if they were ever bred.'

Robbie, Buddy, Coire, neutered in Fl (males)  Rosie(deceased), Rowan(deceased), Kapsa's Lalou and maybe a second female to LK, I don't remember for sure about the Montana ones. Rosie was bred & I have 3 daughters here, 1 by Blacksheep Rowdy Yates, 2 by Blacksheep Whiskey Runner, who has DOS about 5 or 6 generations back on his dam's side.

Diane Wiest