change her food, I mean change her protein and carb content completely. It is sometimes related to food allergies, and even a move to a different area can bring these on......if it is a food allergy..     For the wounds..... Try using mylanta.... after you clip down to the skin over the hair leaving a margin of uninfected skin all the way around the wound,  apply mylanta or the equivalent directly to the moist dermatitis/wound.... several times a day.......     ...... this changes the pH and can totally dry it up..    it is a moist dermatitis that travels through the hair.... if you wash her be sure to BLOW her dry completely....remember  ointments arent good.... we want it dried OUT....  nystat powder can help also... if it has a yeasty odor........  can also be a flea allergy......   thats what my ole farm collie from Alaska would end up with every time we went to Illinois.....we are lucky not to have flea's up here!   

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I've recently moved to florida and am having trouble with one of my dogs and this as well and I will be greatly interested in all responses you get as well Ed. And don't feel lonely, I've had to ask for help before for the same thing a few years back. I've tried washing her with Dawn detergent and putting over the counter meds on but she's an old dog, 12 yrs now, and nothing seems to be working. 
Sincerely, Kathy Luchtel 
originally in  Lee's Summit, Missouri and now in Palatka, Florida