Thanks, ML, but true confession time - that is actually an old saddle pad that Kalee no longer needed. Jabari loves to lay on our wrought iron table out in the yard. The yellow jackets have taken over and we no longer attempt to eat outside, so 'Bari gets his perch. Kalee decided her beloved dog needed a cushy pad. {:^)  Yaaa, he might be a bit spoiled...

I also thought you would be interested to know that Jabari has taken to bossing around horses like his big bro Duff. Recently Kalee's mare injured a leg, so Kalee has to bring her out of her stall daily to hose the leg down. This has led Jabari to decide that if the stall door is open and Kalee isn't there the horse isn't allowed out.  Kalee says he will stand in front of her and bark to keep her in there. Why is the stall door open you might ask? If Kalee is working down there and in and out of the stall she will leave it unlatched. This particular mare has learned how to slide the door open with her nose, so indeed Jabari is doing a good  job!


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Tamara, great picture - they look very regal on the carpet.


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I thought you might enjoy the pic. This is Jabari with one of the barn cats. They LOVE each other. When 'Bari is off duty he is often found playing with this cat. We have 4 others, but only this one will do.  The other day I watched them team tag a mouse. It was amazing.  They both played with it on the lawn, and at one point it made an escape to some tall grass. Jabari nabbed it and brought it back and dropped it at Squirt's (said cat) feet and they played some more. Then the mouse ran up a tree and Squirt climbed the tree and smacked it back down to 'Bari!! At that point my inner bleeding heart was kicking in and I was feeling a bit sorry for the mouse and stopped watching. It was fascinating though while I could stomach it!