I am outraged that someone would do this. Poor dog! May he heal well and get a good home.
This is an update on the collie that was shot in the face. Have a kleenex handy...

Update on Lad from The Arrow Fund. **THE ARROW FUND
Update - "Lad" Collie shot in face - severely emaciated
"Lad" was stable enough yesterday to have general anesthesia to have his wound better assessed and for a feeding tube to be placed. Upon clipping and cleaning his fractured jaw it was discovered that the tissue of the chin was cold with no blood supply and the tissues were dead. The only healthy portion remaining contained blood supply to the tongue. Three wounds were found, two under his jaw and an additional wound on the side of his face entering his mouth. Metallic fragments were found in the infected, dead tissue of the jaw. Because the front part of the jaw had no blood supply and would not heal, even by fixing the fracture, it was elected to remove the broken front part of the jaw. The dead tissue was removed and healthy tissue closed together. Lad's tongue will permanently protrude from his mouth but he should be able to learn to eat and drink. Because of the extent of the injury, there was little healthy tissue remaining. After he heals he may require an additional procedure to improve his ability to eat and lap water. A feeding tube was also placed today to begin slowly feeding him. 
The picture shown is of "Lad" this morning - he is still on pain meds but he is sitting up and watching the staff . He is in good spirits and is loving any and all attention. Such a sweet boy . He does have one fractured tooth that will need to be taken out, but we did not want him under anesthesia any longer. His facial surgery was lengthy - so we will do this another day. The plan is now to get nutrition into this angel . This boy will certainly steal your heart. SO SWEET !!!!
Our thanks to Dr. Becca Hodshon and Dr. Patti Sura (Surgeons) and the surgical team as well as the entire staff at Blue Pearl. Our thanks to you all for the support given to The Arrow Fund . The kindness from the community and world has been amazing. Please know we are trying to get back with all of you that contacted us - so please be patient . Again, a heartfelt thank you ...
If you would like to donate - please go to our websitewww.thearrowfund.org - checks may be mailed to The Arrow Fund P.O.Box 1127 Prospect , Kenctucky 40059 . 
Peace ~Rebecca~The Arrow Fund~