Heather, NESRís very own volunteer behaviorist who has helped us save so many dogs (and helped many others not need to be rescued by working with their current owners to overcome issues), has a wee striped kitty name Lebowski in the running to win $2000 worth of floor for her old farmhouse.  You can see pictures of Lebowski and various dogs (and even Heatherís husband Ken) on her blog (relevant posts at: http://cynography.blogspot.com/2014/07/banish-ghosts-of-other-peoples-pets-past.html and http://cynography.blogspot.com/2014/07/that-rug-really-does-not-tie-room.html) or you can just cut to the chase and go vote at : http://goo.gl/VLeKan 

Itís a one time and done vote, not a ďvote every dayĒ contest so itís sure easy. Just go click on that cute little tiger kitten dancing on the ratty old red floor. 

And if you enter in all your own info then youíll be entered to win some new flooring yourself!

thank you thank you thank you so much!

jan hilborn
National English Shepherd Rescue