I know what it is like to get hit with so much sadness all at once...have been there.  And I also understand that as a young person from a single parent home, that finances are tight right now.
Here is something to consider while looking for a new collie:  I know you had a pup previously;  but many senior collies are looking for someone to adopt them for as long as they live... they will give you all their heart and loyalty... for ever.  ...if you are looking for that, please consider them.
Also, you may want to consider this as well.  Your pup had unique markings and traits just for herself.  No collie/collie cross will be exactly the same.  Look for their heart...and choose for their heart and loving personality.
Many shelters and rescues will give you great discount adoption fees for them.
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I don't know of any cross bred litters.  I also don't know of any dogs being
sold for $100 or under.  

Kathi Tesarz
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My Sheltie cross Shannon died almost 2 years ago in September, a lot has
happened since then, I was supposed to have a dog 1 month later on October
the 8th, but everything I wanted was gone by the time I could get anything
done. I REALLY want a female puppy of the same type as my 1st dog, he was a
mixed breed farm collie, I put up a craigslist wanted ad 14 days ago &
haven't heard a peep from anyone; it has pictures. My dad
got sick around Easter & died in November & my mom said we couldn't get a
dog until he was gone & then a bunch of other stuff came up including her
having knee replacement surgery in April, so now we're definitely ready to
get a new dog if ever we can find 1. The reason why I'm not going the rescue
route this time is because not only have I seen only 1 dog that was anything
like Tippy, a Collie cross that was gone by October 8th, but the fees &
adoption forms are getting ridiculous. I don't want to spay the dog until
it's at least a year old because of growth issues, Shannon had too early
spay issues, like abnormal growth, legs too long, head to narrow, but she
was also spay incontinent, I also am going the fewest vaccinations as
possible route, so I'll be titer testing instead of vaccinating. Both are
things rescues frown upon, so I want a dog from an oops litter most likely
that needs a good home. Also I probably can't pay more than $100 for the
puppy if there's a fee at all. Any help finding a dog like this would be
greatly appreciated. I've seen at least 1 in the area but wasn't able to
stop & ask about the dog at the time.

Diane Peter
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