I’m working on getting our workflow set up for migrating faculty from their CEMS-hosted websites to Wordpress sites and the final piece we’re trying to figure out on is multi-user access. I’ve run into a roadblock in that I cannot seem to add our Communications Director to any sites that are hosted on site.uvm.edu or blog.uvm.edu. The current workflow we’ve designed is:


- Faculty member creates site.uvm.edu Wordpress instance

- Faculty member downloads and applies CEMS pre-built template for their site

- Faculty member adds Geeda as an admin to their site ß STUCK HERE

- Geeda assigns content migration work to Web Wizards (student group) if requested by faculty member

- Geeda adds Web Wizard as editor to faculty member’s site

- Web Wizard performs content migration and finalizes site


Being able to add Geeda is an admin to these sites is a sticking point since she will be the person who assigns access to the Web Wizards. I have successfully added other users to our test sites so it seems to be an issue with just adding Geeda.


Any assistance would be fantastic as we’re hoping to push forward with this project starting as soon as possible.






Ian Davis

Information Technology Professional Senior

College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences


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