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>The more I think about it, the more I think there needs to be a kennel club
>for "old fashioned" dogs of many breeds!  Cats, too!  (Like the people who
>are breeding the original type of round-headed Siamese cats.)  When I look at
>the old photos, I usually prefer the earlier version.

 When I was a kid I got my mom a Siamese cat (from the humane society) for
Mother's Day (gee, wasn't I a great kid, bet you can imagine how much my
mother really wanted another cat around the house...) - anyway, Saint was a
throwback because he looked like an old fashioned Siamese. I even wondered
if he was some other Siamese like breed since he looked so different. He
was beautiful and big and healthy and sturdy. We loved him so much we got a
few other Siamese in later years, skinny, whiney, needle headed things -
not a one a shadow to the first Saint.

        I'd get another Saint in a second -