Hi everyone -
        things have been mighty quiet over here while we wait for those
first pics of Tracy & Cap puppies...

        Nancy sent me pictures of Molly, which you can see on the ES rescue
success page (
        When she sent those up she also included a couple pictures of
Micki, one of the McGuffy pups.
        I don't know how McGuffy pups compare to ES in temperment,
intelligence, herding etc but looks-wise Micki could walk in to any English
Shepherd gathering and get a hearty welcome.
        As I say on the webpage I wonder if his protestation that his dogs
are not ES is because it's the black & tans which are so common down south.

        I also scanned in the cover of _Watch Shepherd of the Range_ - you
can see it on (theres a new
pic of Quinn there too, next to a pic of his dad).

        And I tried to captuer Quinn's mottled colouring but it doesn't
photograoh well and it really doesn't scan well. Suffice to say that he
doesn't have a true black hair on his body that I can find, every hair is
brown or tan with a black end so all that black on his back looks a lot
less solid in real life (there's another picture of him on my main page

        Finally, as long as I was scanning. I scanned in some pics that
Kathi Tesarz from the ES list sent me -they are pictures she had of the ES
her famnily had in the 60's. The one, Wags, looks like a typical ES, but
the othe, Lady, looks more collie like. Maybe it's that sable&white thing
but I really think she looked more "farm collie" - but they were both
registered ES.