Cathy Toft wrote:
> A friend from the collie list is moving to Norway.  She had some interesting
> (and perhaps naive!)impressions of the Norwegian collie. I wanted to share
> it with you, because they sound closer to the Victorian collie and may
> represent that gene pool you've been looking for:

Cathy, I think you're right, the head type of many of the British and
European Collies in general seem to be more like what we are looking
for. At least from photos I've seen. But they also tend to have
extremely huge coats, way more than the hairiest U.S. Collies I've seen.
And many seem to be tending toward the very small, deepset eyes. So we
will have to pick and choose individuals and lines from overseas
Collies, just as we have to here. The area of the world where the
Collies seem to have a combination of American style moderate coat and
body type, with British style heads (stop and skull width) is Australia
and New Zealand. 

It is really interesting to look through the entire annual International
Collie Handbook--nearly 500 pages of Collie photos from all over the
world, but only a couple from the U.S. and none from Canada. I haven't
ordered this year's edition, but I have a copy of the 1995 ICH. It's
loaned out right now but I can have the person who has it send it to you
if you'd like to see it.

That goes for anyone else on the list, too. If you want to see the '95
ICH, let me know and I'll have it sent on to you.

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