Karen T,

Really looking forward to finding out about the old pictures and
engravings from the UK!

>    Bonny Prince is 148 pages and on the third page in is a loveely
> photograph of Bonny Prince. The nicest picture of a Victorian farmcollie
> I`ve seen in a while. Done in one of those oval frames.  Pronounced
> stop, rounder eye, tipped ears, bordercollie type coat.

Any chance you could scan this?

Re: rounder eye--can you give us a reference point for this, such as
could you point to a particular collie picture (maybe on the web), and
say "Bonnie Prince's eye is rounder than that"?

There seems to be so much variation in opinion on Collie eye size and
shape, I like to have visual examples of what word means what to whom.

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