Hi everyone -

        I finally got around to finishing  up the breed comparison chart I
started all those months ago. I'd gotten so much input that I was
overwhelmed there for a while and just ignored it.

        well, no longer. The basic ES/BC/Aussie breed comparison chart is
complete. In some ways this is a fools quest since there is so much over
lap between the breeds and telling them apart can be almost impossible but
I figured it was worth a try, especially since many BC and Aussie people
don't even know ES exist and would gladly claim any ES that excells as one
of theirs and many shelters figure they are just collie crosses (which they
are, sort of)

        Feel free to make suggestions but keep in mind ths is a guide and
not a difinitive statement. Also feel free to pass this on to any rescue,
shelter, BC, or Aussie people you know...

       it's at: and will be
accessible from the rescue page -


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