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<<   According to the literature in the Interceptor packet Interceptor
 prevents heartworm disease, controls adult hookworm, and removes and
 controls adult roundworm and whipworm.

         nothing about Tapeworm which Brandy will be treated for "just in

         My Vet is also sending home some oil and vitamin supplement. I like
 free samples.

         jan >>


Thank you VERY MUCH for this info.  Interceptor sounds like a great product,
and I plan to ask my vet about it!  I was totally unfamiliar with it.  (My
guys are on heartguard, (ivermectin) which is only a heartworm preventative.)
 How great to have a product available that also kills so many other types of

Hope Brandy gains weight!  It sounds like he is in excellent hands!!  (I
would say he doesn't know how lucky he is, except collies always do seem to
know, and repay with eternal loyalty those who have caused their good
fortune!)  Good luck fattening up the old guy!  He should take lessons from
my little sheltie!  Too bad I can't transfer some of her excess pounds to

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