I know the saying is you can never be too rich or too thin (although i'm
willing to volunteer to try for the first...) but Brandy the rescue collie
is too thin.
        He's 11 years old and in reasonably good health. The Collie Rescue
person who delivered him had been feeding him two cups of Cycle Lite a day.
He definitely doesn't need Lite food, that's for sure and 2 cups seems
slight to me. His Vet record from a year ago said he weighed 82 pounds...
maybe so but he's a far cry from that now. I haven't weighed him but he
feels much closer to 60 pounds. I can lift him no problem.

        Right now he's getting Iams chunks cuz that's what I have around
for Quinn (the girls get Euk Lite since they both watch their waistlines) -

        But should I be giving Brandy Senior food or even Hi-pro? I am
feeding him more and twice a day (like my others eat) but i don't want to
increase his portions too much too quickly. My guess is he needs to put on
about 10 pounds to be healthy lean. He's also getting garlic/brewers yeast
tablets (he's got dry skin, dull hair (although it's brushing up pretty
well), and copious flea dirt (although there is a comment about him being
on Advantage from his Vet records - i think his last Advantage treatment
was a while ago).) Should I be putting oil on his food and if so what kind?

        What do you guys think?


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