At 3:40 PM -0400 7/8/97, Marci Sudlow wrote:

>Thank you VERY MUCH for this info.  Interceptor sounds like a great product,
>and I plan to ask my vet about it!

 well, the other kids get Heartgard Plus which seems to provide many of the
same protections. I don't know if the Plus costs more, it's just what Dr. A

> Good luck fattening up the old guy!  He should take lessons from
>my little sheltie!  Too bad I can't transfer some of her excess pounds to

  I've got one little pork roll at home and no matter what i do she does
not lose weight. She is obsessed with food. I have to guard Brandy and
Quinn's food or if they take even a small break Bess is right in there
inhaling, and i do mean inhaling, their food.

 Brandy's coat looks much better after a week. And he doesn't look any
thinner but I don't know if he's putting on weight. I've really got to get
a scale. He seems much happier and perkier though. He's still an old dog
but he doesn't act like he's on death's door anymore either.
        And what a sweetheart. I just can't believe anyone gave him away,
he has no bad habits at all.