At 5:21 PM 7/8/97, Marci Sudlow wrote:
> But you know even
>on my non-Victorian (and non-modern show quality, as well) collie, his white
>hair is a completely different texture from the blonde (sable) hair.  The
>white hair is coarser and the sable hair, finer and silkier.  Probably this
>is what accounts for the fact that the ruff hair tangles less easily and
>therefore did not also require cutting.

 so this is normal? wow.  My Aussie Robb and my ES Quinn both have white
ruffs that are the same type of hair as the rest of their coats. Brandy
(the collie with the improving coat) does have much coarser white hair. I
was thinking that this was because of his recent bad nutrition but maybe
he's perfectly normal in that regard.
        How cool.

        Quinn has a much more moderate coat than Brandy or Robb and is
pretty matt proof. Brandy had dense clumps of "shed but still on the dog"
hairs in his undercoat and we're slowly dethatching him but it comes out
very easily. Robb, who is a massive fur ball, gets matts very quickly,
especially the fine long hairs in her groin and her undercoat on her lower
sides. Keeping her brushed out is a challenge - and she hates being brushed
so it's even more of one.


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