At 10:26 AM 8/21/98 -0700, Janet H. David wrote:
>..just wanted you to know that dean mair and i had a gathering
>of sorts here in arizona.  dean is looking to relocate from florida to
> i helped him find a good realtor, etc.  well, he came out
>this week, found a house right around the corner (albeit a long, country
>corner!) from our place!!  jim and i are hoping he will decide to put in a

Janet - When you can see for how ever many miles in all directions, I guess
everything in relative sight lines is around the corner. :)  And of course
fireskye every night.
Thanks for all your help!

An offer had been made on the property (cash with no conditions) while I
was drafting a bid. Back to the looking mode.

>of course we compared collie notes, pictures and dog introductions!

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time. But even these small gathering
are great.

>  the
>house he is looking at has an ideal set up for move in dogs, as well as
>setting up a kennel, runs, etc.  of course!

The more I think about it, the more I think how much work will be needed
to duplicate it. From indoor facilities easily connected to outdoor runs,
to acre size exercise areas.

>he joins the scores of dog nuts in this small community.  we have over six
>active dog clubs!!  i am hoping dean will join my club and start doing some
>herding with my instructor, who lives just a block over from both of us.
>small world, eh??

I was truly amazed at the number of dog people and activity there. It was
not one of the reasons I choose to look there but it has become a high point.
There are various breed national champions in the area and every day I ran
into someone else who was into dogdom. It was a nice feeling to be welcomed
into a community before I moved there.

Hoping to be Arizona bound,

Dean Mair
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