Were any pics from the Sunnybank gathering in July, every placed
up on the web?  And I am curious to know if we are going to have
another gathering at Sunnybank, before the winter?

Also, I found someone in Jersey, who has a farm collie that looks a
lot like Chelsy, a male, 6 years old, bought at the same place,
JP's, the similarities are just too funny, we are thinking about
breeding the two in the Spring.  I am really excited about the whole
thing, I just need to figure out how I am going to schedule the 6 to
8 weeks, that she needs to be with them.  Any suggestions?  We
are going to meet up sometime within the next two months.

Question:  Can I leave her alone during the day for a couple of
hours while I do go to work?  If I set them up comfortably in a room
with food and water, are they okay alone?  Chelsy with them at all
times of course.  I could probably get someone to check in on
them every so often.  But I would never be able to take 6-8 weeks
from work, the most 2.

After Chelsy gets pregnant, how long is the justation period,
exactly, I have heard so many different stories.

Obviously, as you can see I'm new at this. Doreen