No apologies are necessary,
I should have said that people tend to call black and white dogs "border
collies", and that causes the tendency to register them that way.

My own preference would be to do away with breed designations altogether
and have one big breed, the Working Collie. Then, each person could chose
the TYPE of Working Collie they liked best, whether it be a BC-type, an
AS-type, an ES-type, or an OFC-type, etc., whether in looks or working
style. Then we wouldn't be arguing all the time over whether some photo or
painting was one thing or another. That's how it was before the Victorians
invented breeds for show purposes.

I agree with this, but the existence of linebred populations or subbreeds
give us the homozygosity for
the traits we want and the hybrid vigor when we cross-breed, So this can
also be a good thing. Trying to arrive at the optimum mate for each dog, I
do not intend to confine myself to a single registry genepool.
Finding the dogs in the genepools that have the traits I want in all my
dogs, or just the correct traits to complement the particular dog I am
considering breeding is the main thing to me.

The arguing helps to clarify what we mean by certain terms, so arguing can
be a good thing, too.

Elaine Reynolds
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