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> Date: Sunday, August 23, 1998 12:39
> No apologies are necessary,
> I should have said that people tend to call black and white dogs "border
> collies", and that causes the tendency to register them that way.

this is what Carole said:

> My own preference would be to do away with breed designations altogether
> and have one big breed, the Working Collie. Then, each person could chose
> the TYPE of Working Collie they liked best, whether it be a BC-type, an
> AS-type, an ES-type, or an OFC-type, etc., whether in looks or working
> style. Then we wouldn't be arguing all the time over whether some photo
> painting was one thing or another. That's how it was before the
> invented breeds for show purposes.

> I agree with this, but the existence of linebred populations or subbreeds
> give us the homozygosity for
> the traits we want and the hybrid vigor when we cross-breed, So this can
> also be a good thing. Trying to arrive at the optimum mate for each dog,
> do not intend to confine myself to a single registry genepool.
> Finding the dogs in the genepools that have the traits I want in all my
> dogs, or just the correct traits to complement the particular dog I am
> considering breeding is the main thing to me.
> The arguing helps to clarify what we mean by certain terms, so arguing
> be a good thing, too.
> Elaine Reynolds
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